Mindful healing through precise soft tissue therapies



Reflexive performance reset (rpr)

RPR is system to identify and instantly reset major compensation patterns in the human movement system. We do simple applied kinesiology tests to determine where muscles are not firing or firing out of order, then apply a friction massage to the related reflex points. Do not be fooled by the simplicity of the work. The results are instant, profound, and far reaching. The brain is the central governor of muscle activation and resource distribution. For deeply wired survival advantages, it prioritizes breathing and hip flexion/extension over all other movements when under stress. This means it will recruit all other muscles in a chain reaction to assist with those functions; thereby leaving us with vulnerable joints and tired muscles who are working inefficiently doing secondary jobs instead of primary jobs. Most of us live with chronic stress and our central governor does not know the difference between mounting debt, deadlines, an affront to our social status, or someone shooting at us; the implications are huge on the wear and tear of the body. So with the prioritization of resources in mind as we work through identifying and resetting the body's movement patterns (by stimulating/releasing neuro-lymphatic reflex points), clients quickly come to understand why the solution to their chronic shoulder problem lies in their hip or why their headaches and tight hamstrings make perfect sense as a common problem vs two separate problems requiring different treatment strategies.

I should also mention that this work is intense as it's happening; the more shut down a function is, the more sensitive the reflex points are. The good news is that once clients get a feel for it and come to know their own primary compensation patterns, they can perform a high level of maintenance on their own, no practitioner required!

Active release techniques (ART)

David is a full body certified Active Release Techniques Provider with Long Tract Nerve Entrapment. This modality is magical for many many many soft tissue ailments; think along the lines of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Migraines, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Golfer/Tennis Elbow, knee problems, neck pain, back pain, hip problems, Sciatica, compartment syndromes, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, chronic tightness, chronic weakness, a clumsy limb, and nerve problems–anything that tingles, numbs, burns, shoots, shocks, zips, or quits. Also included: increased range of motion, strength, dexterity, energy, mental focus, that yoga posture you just can’t seem to find, and youthfulness!

Assessment of tissues and function happens in tandem with treatment. The practitioner assesses tissue texture and motion by palpation and movement. Where fibrosis, adhesion, ‘knots’, or entrapments are found the practitioner will place tension on the tissue in a precise direction while the client performs specific movements to lengthen the offending tissue or release it from adjacent tissues (such as releasing the Sciatic nerve from entrapment/adhesion in the gluteal muscles). The results are immediate and long lasting.

In some cases resolution will be achieved in one or two sessions. Most often, especially in chronic, complex, or far reaching problems (the whole right side of the body, for instance) multiple sessions will be required. ART is an active and movement based modality requiring the client to be able to move freely in their clothing while allowing the practitioner to work directly on the skin as much as possible while maintaining modesty. Work-out/yoga clothes are usually best though we can make most anything work. Let massage be massage and schedule ART for specific, goal oriented, work. For more information, visit the ART web site.

Deep Tissue Massage

The ultimate in tissue maintenance! These techniques, put simply, allow us to nurture and support tissue health to complete depth through deep and profound release of tension, lengthening of fascia, breakdown of adhesion, hydration of fribrotic tissue, and movement of blood, lymph, and interstitial fluids. David’s style is a very slow ‘swimming through the tissue’ that moves deeply through the whole length of a  tissue allowing it to melt and release before moving on. These sessions are primarily passive for the client and client-therapist interaction may be minimal, allowing a deeply therapeutic or cathartic experience to unfold throughout the session. Deep tissue massage takes time, for a whole body session please schedule 80-110 minutes.

Swedish Relaxation Massage

This highly valuable modality has stood the test of time for a reason! Stress reaps havoc on our whole being from the physical to the spiritual. Poor circulation, lymph edema, systemic inflammation, and systemic tension all diminish our health and quality of life. When life gets away from you; exercise, meditation, and yoga aren’t keeping up; invest in high quality Swedish Massage for the support your whole being needs!

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We appreciate how hard you work for your money and respect your time; therefore we will work to meet your goals as quickly as possible. We have several appointment options as well as packages to make our services as accessible as possible. Sorry, no health insurance is accepted at this time. We may be able to work with auto and workers compensation claims, please contact us regarding your claim before scheduling your first appointment.